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5 questions to consider before buying anyone jewellery!

5 questions to consider before buying anyone jewellery!

19 Sep 2016
Buying jewellery for others can sometimes be challenging - there are a few key questions to always ask yourself before committing to your new jewellery purchase.
When deciding what gift to buy someone, jewellery always makes a special and thoughful gift! However, we understand that buying jewellery for someone else can be challenging. Whether the gift is for your partner, mum, friend, or any loved one, choosing the perfect piece of jewellery takes some thought. 

To ensure your money is well spent, and your gift is well received, make sure you answer the following questions:  

Question 1: What type of jewellery do they usually wear?  

This should be the first question you ask yourself. There are a few jewellery options available - including necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets, or bracelets. 

Start by looking at the type of jewellery they generally wear - see if they are always wearing a ring, or if they recently lost their favourite necklace. Do they have their ears pierced, or are they often wearing anklets. 

If you really are not sure what piece of jewellery is best, then try to subtly find out - ask her/his close friends or family, check out their social media for pictures or links they have shared, or find an excuse to walk through a jewellery store or department together. 

If in doubt, necklaces are always a safe option and a popular jewellery gift. 

Question 2: Are they a silver lover, or gold? 

The great silver vs gold debate! This question may also help you decide which type of jewellery they would prefer. 

You can usually tell whether someone prefers silver or gold by their style, and any other jewellery they wear. Check their jewellery collection, or note what other pieces of jewellery you have seen them wear. 

Many girls may also prefer their jewellery made in rose gold. This is a popular choice among may girls who want something a bit different, and have a unique style. 

Question 3: What occasion is the jewellery gift for? 

Consider why you are buying this gift - is it for a friend to celebrate your friendship, for your partner as a sign of affection, to a loved one as a special birthday gift, or for your Mum on Mothers Day. Whatever the reason you are buying a new piece of jewellery, this will affect the type of jewellery you decide to buy. 

Consider a heart symbol as a sign of love, or perhaps even matching couples necklaces. Family tree necklaces or baby feet necklaces, make a great gift for any new mum, or on Mothers Day. 

Although many people wait for a special occasion to buy jewellery, the gift of jewellery can make a great surprise gift at any time of year! 

Question 4: Do you want to add a birthstone to your jewellery? 

Birthstones add an extra unique and special touch, as well as a splash of colour to any piece of jewellery 

Whether buying jewellery as a gift to celebrate your love, to your Mum or siblings to celebrate your family bond, or to celebrate a birthday - birthstones can make a great addition to a variety of jewellery.

Question 5: What chain length or size jewellery do I choose? 

So you've chosen the perfect piece of jewellery, now you need to decide what size is most suitable. For a necklace this is the chain length, for a ring its size, or a bracelet it's length.  

When buying any necklace, you need to decide where the person would like the name necklace to sit – this may be on the collar bone, upper chest, or loosely around the lower chest. Use a chain length guide so you can visualise how long the necklace will be, and see how long they usually wear their necklaces. If you still are not sure, then it is best to stick with the standard 16" (40cm) size necklace chain. 

If you are buying a new ring, check a ring size chart to determine their size - and if in doubt, always go for the slightly bigger options, as you can always have the ring re-sized later on.  

For bracelets and anklets, you generally have only a few options - for a childs wrist, an average womens wrist, or for a large wrist. 

What other questions do you consider when buying a gift of jewellery? 

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