Jweel's Materials

Note : The Jweel service is now closed. Jweel partner for manufacturing was i.materialise.com.

All those materials and many others can be found on their website where you can upload Jweel's 3D files for manufacturing (Jweel tools allows you to download your creation as OBJ files for free).

argent Silver
or Gold
Bronze Bronze
Métal cuivré (laiton) Brass
Titane Titanium
Acier Steel


The material is solid Sterling silver, made of 92.5% pure silver. It offers one of the best value for money in 3D printed jewels. The finish quality is fully comparable to a professional one.


3 finishes are available:

  • Gloss: Magnet finish. Surface will not be as shiny as high gloss models.
  • High gloss (Premium): Very shiny and smooth surface. The piece of jewelry is hand polished in Belgium.
  • Sandblasted: Matt silver look that has a smooth and even surface finish
  • Antic : The jewelry is oxydized (blackened) before beeing hand polished. External parts are very smooth, hollow parts are darkers. This process increase the shape constrat and pattern visibility.
Gloss - High Gloss - Sandblasted


Un modèle en cire de votre objet est fabriqué par impression 3D. Un moule en plâtre est créé à partir de ce modèle, l’argent y est ensuite coulé pour créer votre bijou.

argent fabrication bijou i.materialise

Design specifications

Minimum wall thickness0.5mm
Minimum details0.3mm
Silver High Gloss Gloss Silver (Standard)
Gloss - High Gloss - Sandblasted - Satin Gloss - High Gloss (Premium) - Sandblasted - Satin (not available)