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Avec Jweel, vendez vos créations à travers le monde.
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It's easy, fast and free. Everything is online, no waiting, no registration fees.

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We do the rest. Logistics, manufacturing, sales, everything is handeled by our services.

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No fee or commission. Set your margin and keep the profit.

How it works

Open your shop

Once registered, open your shop for free! You can put your designs on sale immediately and arrange them by collections. If you don't have products on Jweel yet, start designing here.

Showcase your best creations

Choose the pieces you'd like to sell and fill in your profile. Provide as much information as possible about yourself and make a detailed description of your jewelry. Make your store as attractive as possible.

Share your shop

Promote your shop! Tell your friends and family about it. Share your creations on social networks and always think about responding when people leave a comment on your jewelry.

Earn money

Determine the right price for your jewelry. Once one of your creation is sold, we look after everything, from manufacturing to delivery. The margin you have chosen is credited to your account, you can request payment of your current credit at any time.

Why sell on Jweel?

Be Part of Our Global Marketplace

  • Jweel is an vibrant community of buyers and designers all around the world who share the same passion.
  • Grow your shop with a wealth of new customers.
  • Enjoy free 3D applications on Jweel to bring your ideas to life and create unique pieces of jewelry.

Turn Your Passion Into a Business

  • There are no registration or membership fees with Jweel
  • You set and adjust your margin freely, you are responsible for the price of your jewelry
  • No commission is charged on your sales, the entire margin you have chosen is paid to you.

Express your creativity

  • Talk about yourself, share the story of your designs in your profile and descriptions.
  • Get yourself known to customers and designers, give a name to your style.
  • Converse with other shoppers and customers, share your experience !