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Original gift ideas for Mother's Day

Following our previous article on the upcoming Mother's Day, let’s present some ideas that would be very likely to inspire you to offer your mom a truly original gift. Indeed, on Jweel our different applications allows you to create personalized jewelry that will really suit her. We'll see today how, through the Embossed ring tool, you'll be able with a simple evocative image (a drawing, symbols, text, etc.), to make a unique personalized ring specially for your mom. Here are some original gift ideas for Mother's Day that will undoubtedly deeply touch her.

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History and Origins of Mother's Day

Like every year, mothers will be at the forefront on May 31st and on Jweel, we want to anticipate the event so you can prepare her the most beautiful gift. Indeed, what better than a personalized jewelry to touch the heart of the one who gave you birth and prove her your love? Today we will see the origin of the famous Mother's Day. This well-known event has for some people the undesirable reputation of being only commercial opportunity. But in this article we will discover, through its history, that celebrating moms has been existing around the world for many years. Let’s focus on this not-to-be-missed occasion!

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The One Ring (The Lord of the Rings)

Let’s make an overview on one of the most famous piece of jewelry of British and world literature and movie: the One Ring, from The Lord of the Rings. Imagined by the writer JRR Tolkien, the mysterious ring with mighty powers has become a mythical object of Tolkien’s world and more broadly of fantasy literature. Let's have a look on its origins and its fabulous history and see how you, thanks to our new Embossed ring app, will be able to create this famous personalized jewelry in few clicks.

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Welcome to a world of personalized jewelry.

Welcome to jweel.com, the personalized jewelry marketplace. Discover our creative universe and easily make your own jewelry, the only limit is your imagination! From text rings and pendants to freestyle modelling jewelry, let your inspiration guide you!

Personalized jewelry is an original gift idea

Personalized jewelry is an original gift that comes from you, from your heart. Let the special people in your life know that you're thinking about them.It is the perfect gift for all occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays (Mother's Day, Father's Day, baptism, communion etc.)
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's day

Far from the standards of large consumption, a piece of personalized jewelry is a unique object made especially for someone you love. What's more touching?No need to be a professional to make beautiful custom jewelry. With a few clicks you can create a name ring, message or symbol pendant for example. Feel free to get inspired by the creations of other users, customize and order them in the material of your choice. Now, give real meaning to your little and big attentions with personalized jewelry, a true symbolic gift. You are a unique person, so is your jewelry.

3D Printing and personalized jewelry

Your custom jewelry is 3D printed in Belgium and individually checked / hand finished. This revolutionary manufacturing technology provides you with a unique piece of jewelry very close to the standards of traditional jewelery. A wide range of materials is offered to satisfy all your needs and budget: silver, gold, steel, titanium, brass, gold plated ... Your jewelry is shipped around the world, enjoy!

Jweel, a community of passionate designers

Join now the jweel community, share and sell your personalized jewelry. You are full of ideas? Open your shop and turn your talent into a business by selling your amazing rings and your most original pendants. Now, jewelery has a new identity: yours.